What if the miracle was even getting one moment with you?

I'm dating the cutiest cutie ever aw

ive started planning out my therapy session tomorrow bc i cant sleep but ive just realized how hard it is to hint at the general sexting type situation without explicitly saying it lord help me

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i filled out my diary card for wed/thurs/fri but havent touched it since augh

Demi Lovato
I Hate You, Don't Leave Me
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god fucking damn it

idk when i started saying v instead of very but ive started and i cant stop help

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i spend maybe 5 minutes on this damn account per week but my main one hit post limit and b might reply and fuck im whipped and i just wanna blog bUT POSTLIMIT

actually i just wanna talk to b but that’s not an option at the moment apparently

fuck my sleeping pattern that made me miss b

fuck u all


recovering from an eating disorder is extremely fucking challenging. you have to face your fears every day, multiple times a day. high five to all those fighting and keep trying for those stuck in lapse { ily all }

can i plz take the third option where i dont move and dont go back to sleep i just stare at benji’s face that’d be great


pro ana and thinspo blogs are harmful and dangerous. 

end of story

no exceptions

i don’t care if you don’t post tips

i don’t care if you have a disclaimer

its triggering and dangerous to both yourself and other people. 

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